Peter Downie Key West

Peter Downie Key West received his B. A. and M. A. degrees from Smith University. For the past eight years, Mr Peter Downie Key West has held the position of Health Promotion Specialist at Healthy People, Jones Hospital Systems in Randolph, Missouri; in addition, he serves as an adjunct instructor at Plymouth College and as a Health Education Consultant for the Missouri Health/Fitness Foundation. Mr Peter Downie Key West is responsible for corporate and community health promotion programs conducted by a four-site hospital system that services twenty-two corporate clients.

Under his leadership, an innovative program for a blue-collar worksite was developed that utilizes college student interns, nurse volunteers and physicians interested in community service. The program has seen a 47% increase in employee participation in its second year and has uncovered preventable cardiovascular disease risk factors in over 35% of the employee population. Peter is an active volunteer with the American Cancer Society, the Missouri Senior Games and the Missouri Special Olympics, and serves on the Board of Directors for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Eastern Missouri.

Peter Downie Key West has been involved in the work of AAHPERD at the state, district, and national levels, serving as an officer, committee member, delegate, and, most recently, as president of Missouri AAHE, leading a project to write the state level teaching curriculum supplement, “Successfully Teaching Middle School Health.” Peter has been actively involved in special projects including “Operation Health 65703,” a program to improve the cardiovascular health of residents living in the zip code in which the hospital resides and “Be Active Kids,” a collaborative project to provide educational resource kits and a pilot program for preschool nutrition and physical activity curriculum training for day-care providers. As one of his professional colleagues writes, “Through innovation and hard work, he motivates himself and those around him to do their best.

He is a creative teacher and excellent role model who is dedicated to his work.

Peter maintains high standards for himself as well as those he works with, always quietly providing the necessary support to help his peers and students succeed.”